Thursday, July 29, 2010

eat, drink, and be merry!

Sorry for the over abundance of posts today, I just need to get caught up!

A couple of days ago les petits frères hosted a little international luncheon (okay, yes, this post is about food). They asked Noemi to make Spanish tortilla and me to make an American dessert. So what did I make? Brownies. From a box mix found on the American shelf at Auchan (next to the peanut butter and pancake mix) the truly American way.

Noemi allowed me to be obnoxious and take a million photos for you, dear readers, your very own photo tutorial of how to make Spanish tortilla!!!!!

Ingredients (amounts are all very...hazy...):

A couple of potatoes
An onion
Olive oil
3-4 eggs

Slice potatoes and onions into little pieces.

Fry in oil until browned nicely.

Mix fried stuff with eggs and a couple tablespoons? teaspoons? of salt. Mix well, until eggs are frothy.

Pour into an oiled frying pan and cook! Flip onto other side using large, flat plate and continue cooking until browned.

Partake and feel cultured.

Here's a couple photos from the luncheon:

*side note: also on the menu was a cheese tart, zucchini/feta cheese bread, and homemade apple tart. Wow, heaven. Can't stop beaming over French food.

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  1. that looks delicious! :) guess what? they are coming out with an american version of "the dinner game"! We should go see it! probably know the band She & Him. If you don't, check them out. If you love them (like I do), we should go to their FREE concert August 26th :)